A couple of responses on refugees and Bovill cannabis

A couple of responses on refugees and Bovill cannabis

Writer responds to editor’s note and a letter on cannabis use at Bovill Square.


In response to editor’s note of Sept. 19:

Firstly, yes there are criminal checks. These people have never been in Canada and therefore, it’s more difficult to produce these records.

They come from foreign countries which have no proper criminal records or police records.

Yes, they are given medical examinations and medical treatment at our expense.

Secondly, in response to Ronald Stephens’ letter (‘A recommended place to smoke’ published Sept. 19):

Mr. Stephens, you missed the intent of the letter ‘Cannabis smoking at Bovill Square would fit with alcohol use.’

There is alcohol consumed freely and other illegal acts are committed under the provincial laws and Criminal Code of Canada. So why not smoke cannabis as we at Bovill Square? And yes, I am in agreement with your idea of a large gravel pit. This is the intent of my letter dated Aug. 22.

Furthermore, a council person called this subject “tongue in cheek.” Call it what you want, these acts are illegal.

M.D. Stedel