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Where to store Valley’s history

A proposed temporary museum space solution to protect the Bulkley Valley’s history.
A Culture Crawl hosted by the Bulkley Valley Museum. (Tom Best photo)

A proposed temporary solution to protect the Bulkley Valley’s history was passed by Smithers council unanimously last Tuesday.

The motion call to “work with the Bulkley Valley Museum regarding the possibility of renovating a portion of the second storey of Town hall for the temporary storage of sensitive archives and small artifacts, and to provide a report to counil for 2019 budget deliberations that includes a rough estimate of cost and possible funding sources including any grant funding the museum may be able to access for the renovation.”

Mayor Taylor Bachrach did want everyone to brace themselves for a higher price tag for Town hall renovations than expected after hearing that from Town staff.

“Simply because expanding new space in the building triggers certain requirements in the building code. That said I think it’s really important that we look at it. It was always the vision when Town hall was built to use the upstairs eventually, and it seems like a really prudent thing to investigate given some of the challenges in museum spacing; and I think we’d all hate to see the museum lose the Town’s history in a fire or another disaster,” said Bachrach.

Coun. Frank Wray brought the motion forward. He said there may be grants the museum can access.