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VIDEO / UPDATE: Telkwa River Hydro tower stabilization complete

Video of repairs on transmission tower moving forward on Telkwa River. Outage risk is over.
The location of a downed 138 kilovolt Hydro line that carries power from Telkwa to Cedarvale. (BC Hydro photo)

Sunday night update:

BC Hydro said in a release that work to stabilize the structure carrying power to communities from Telkwa to Cedarvale is complete.

That means there is no longer a risk of an outage in the area from the structure’s collapse.

Saturday night update:

BC Hydro put out a release saying crews have made significant progress to stabilize the transmission structure that was damaged last week by high water levels on the Telkwa River.

The job to reinforce the structure is expected to be done by Sunday evening.

The threat of a power outage that would affect communities from Telkwa to Cedarvale southwest of the Hazeltons has been further reduced as water levels continue to drop, according to the release.

An update is expected Sunday night.

Video by Luke Hill of work by BC Hydro on Telkwa River: