Vehicle towed from river in Telkwa

Smithers RCMP encourage the involved men and the two women who provided a ride to come forward.

Vehicle towed from river in Telkwa

On Sunday, Sept. 24 around 8:30 a.m. the Smithers RCMP received a complaint involving a blue Chevrolet truck that was stuck in the river near Telkwa.

Two men were associated to the vehicle but had departed after being picked up by two women driving a red vehicle prior to police arrival. The vehicle, which was no longer operable and had lost fluid into the river, was towed from the river. The Ministry of Environment was notified regarding the event.

The Smithers RCMP are completing a follow-up investigation and are considering both Environmental Management Act and Liquor Control Licensing Act offences in relation to this investigation.

The Smithers RCMP are encouraging the involved men associated with the truck, and the two women who provided a ride to the men, to come forward.

Anyone with information related to this event are encouraged to contact the Smithers RCMP at 1-250-847-3233. Alternatively, they may also contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477) anywhere in B.C. 24/7.

School Bus Safety – An Important Reminder for all Motorists

The Smithers RCMP fielded a few complaints this week involving drivers’ actions around school buses when stopped on a roadway. The complaints relate to drivers’ responsibilities when encountering a stopped school bus on a roadway, and a sign or signal is being displayed. The sign or signal, which typically are flashing lights and or a stop sign, are meant to tell the drivers in both directions that children are actively about to get off or on the bus and may cross the roadway.

The responsibility of the driver in order to better ensure the safety of the children and abide by the law, is to, in both directions, stop before they reach the bus and not proceed until the bus either resumes motion or the bus driver’s sign or signal is deactivated, which indicates it is safe to proceed.

As a result of a complaint, a registered owner of a vehicle will be being issued a motor vehicle act violation ticket for non-compliance when meeting a stopped school bus with a sign or signal displayed.

The Smithers RCMP are reminding all drivers to be aware of their responsibilities around school busses and in doing so helping to maintain a safe roadway for children to get to and from school.

– Submitted by Smithers RCMP.

Smithers RCMP