Upper Skeena Development purchase new property

Phase two of the Senden Project can now begin on the old Hummingbird property in the Village of Hazelton

The Upper Skeena Development Centre has purchased the old Hummingbird property in the Village of Hazelton.

The purchase begins phase two of their Senden Project. The first phase included buying a historical farm site and renovating it. It has been up and operational for a couple of years now. The Senden Agriculture Resource Centre site is on the main road near the college between New Hazelton and the village. There is a demonstration market garden, commercial processing facility and vegetable cold storage.

Community members can gain skills for work and personal sustainability.

Executive director Alice Smith said the plan was to build phase two on the same property but high water and sewer costs had them looking elsewhere. The Hummingbird property is close by to the Senden site and they can hook up to the Village of Hazelton’s water and sewer services.

This new property will have transitional housing units, a commercial processing and retail centre for agriculture products as well as meeting rooms.

Construction will begin soon. Smith said they are in the process of finalizing and working on proposals to access matched funding to build the building.