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Tyhee Market applies to sell alcohol

Rural Agency Stores sell spirits, wine, beer, cider and coolers.
Katie Savage (left) and Cindy Savage (right) in Tyhee Market. LaShaina Blair-White photo

Tyhee Market has applied for to be a rural agency store (RAS) in Telkwa.

An RAS is a full-service general grocery stores that has been authorized by BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) to sell liquor in communities where liquor service is not readily available.

An RAS sells spirits, wine, beer, cider and coolers.

“I fully support having a [RAS] in Telkwa,” Telkwa Mayor Brad Layton said. “It’s just another service that if we have in the community, it keeps some of the money we’re taking to Smithers and keeps some of it in Telkwa.”

RAS stores must be at least 10 kilometres away from the nearest B.C. liquor store or licensee retail store. Telkwa is about 15 km from Smithers.

A community must be too small to warrant the establishment of B.C. liquor store to be eligible for an RAS.

Anyone who wishes to voice their support or their opposition to the application may do so by writing an email to the LDB at

Comments may influence the LDB decision-making process and will be accepted until Nov. 31. The application is currently being reviewed.