(Facebook/Conservation Officer Service)

(Facebook/Conservation Officer Service)

Two people on an ATV caught driving the wrong way on Hwy 16

Smithers COs helped get reckless driver off the road and issued several violation tickets

Two people on an ATV have been charged with numerous offences after being caught speeding the wrong way on Hwy. 16 by Smithers Conservation Officers.

Conservation Officer Flint Knibbs said it all happened on July 14 at 4:45 p.m.

According to a post on the Conservation Officer Service’s Facebook page, the ATV was seen careening onto a pedestrian walkway along a bridge over the Bulkley River.

With lights flashing, COs looped around in their patrol truck and met the ATV rider as he came toward them.

The rider was stopped and arrested by COs and RCMP.

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CO’s issued several tickets totalling more than $1,200 for numerous infractions, including no insurance, no driver’s licence and riding without due care and attention

The ATV was impounded by the RCMP for seven days for stunt driving.

The driver also had an outstanding arrest warrant.


(Facebook/Conservation Officer Service)

(Facebook/Conservation Officer Service)