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Trail ambulance station shooter gets 6 years

Francis Paradis pleaded guilty to four of seven charges for shooting at paramedics and police
The October 2022 shooting took place at the BC Emergency Health Services Ambulance Station in Trail, located past the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital. Photo: Jim Bailey

A Quebec man who opened fire on the Trail RCMP and local paramedics last fall, was sentenced to six years in a federal prison.

Francis Paradis pleaded guilty to four of seven criminal offences via video in Rossland Provincial Court on Monday, April 24.

The man from Saint-Paul-de-l’Île-aux-Noix in Montérégie, Que. pleaded guilty to two counts of using a restricted or prohibited firearm; one count of possessing a firearm while prohibited; and one count of carrying a restricted firearm.

According to court documents, the offences carried a total of 19 years sentencing, but Paradis will serve six years as the sentences will run concurrently. He will also get time-and-a-half credit for the six months (181 days) he already served, for a total of nine months (272 days) less than the six-year sentence.

Paradis, 29, was charged for shooting several rounds at two police officers and three paramedics at the Trail ambulance station on Oct. 25, 2022.

Notably, three of the more serious charges, including attempted murder and assault with a weapon, were dismissed because of Paradis’ plea.

“Judge Grant Sheard addressed the court and stated that part of the consideration for Mr. Paradis’ sentencing included factors like maintaining law, peace and order through the denunciation of violence against police,” Trail RCMP and district commander, Sgt. Mike Wicentowich, told the Times.

“I believe that the sentence reflects that denunciation.”

Police encountered Paradis outside the ambulance station behind Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital at around midnight.

They tried to talk down an anxious Paradis, who had recently left the hospital after being transported there by ambulance following a motor vehicle accident in Grand Forks. He fired several rounds from a handgun at the officers and nearby paramedics.

Police officers used a stun-gun device to subdue Paradis and then arrested him. According to police, no one was physically injured.

“My officers put themselves in harm’s way to maintain public peace and safety and uphold the law,” said Wicentowich. “Our EHS partners are dedicated to saving lives through their daily efforts. Sometimes the police and their partners end up facing much more that they expected as in (this) case.”

Just prior to the incident, a warrant for Paradis’ arrest had been filed on Oct. 19, 2022 for charges related to an assault on a woman with a weapon.

Paradis had also been convicted of manslaughter in February 2020 and served 11 months in a Quebec prison for his involvement in the death of Philippe Lareau.

“This event was traumatic for all involved,” added Wicentowich. “This was a close as call as it could be and a miracle no one was injured. The officers and paramedics are recovering and taking the right steps in processing and moving forward.

“It is never a straight line but we are all here as a community to support them.”

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