Telkwa/Quick school trustee candidate Judy McIntosh

Bulkley Valley School District 54: McIntosh, Judy - trustee candidate

The 12-year incumbent has seen what she describes as tremendous political things provincially, adding school boards have become more streamlined.

“We’re developing policy, managing the district finance, and supporting risk taking for our district; risk taking in a good way. We’re not trying to create new ways of doing things, we’re trying to create things doing them the Bulkley Valley way,” said McIntosh, who added that way is personable.

McIntosh wants to build on what the district has done.

“My job is to support the superintendent who in turn can support all the staff in the district… It’s not about micro managing, it’s about keeping the big picture,” said McIntosh, adding a Telkwa trustee has to keep the entire district in mind.