Telkwa sign. (Marisca Bakker photo)

Telkwa sets precedent on sea cans

Resident is given OK to place a sea can on residential property, despite bylaw against it

Telkwa council is making an exception to a bylaw and allowing a couple to place a sea can on their residential property.

The home is located in a residential area with a single dwelling home on it and currently metal containers designed and constructed for shipping are restricted in that zone.

“At this time sea cans are not permitted on residential properties, only commercial or mixed use properties,” said CAO Debbie Joujan at the Nov. 24 meeting. “We are seeking council’s direction as to whether we want to set a precedent to allow this or if you prefer not to, we are in the middle of a zoning bylaw review, it could be postponed perhaps until after that review or it could be either approved or declined at this time.”

Councillor Derek Meerdink spoke in favour of the request, with some amendments including painting or siding it to match the house.

“I looked at this and saw where he wants to put it,” he said. “I think I can make an exception for a number of reasons. The neighbours are fine with it. If he puts it where he says, it is out of the way and not visible.”

Joujan advised that Telkwa has made an exception in the past if it is painted or sided in special circumstances.

“If council wants, it can be put into the bylaw review,” she suggested.

The motion was passed with everyone in agreement. Mayor Brad Laytom was not in attendance.

While the meeting was available to be streamed live, some members of the public still sat in for it.

Currently, there is a room being renovated in the village office for council meetings that will allow for social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however it won’t be completed until January, leaving councillors to meet in a smaller space and asking the public to watch from home.