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Telkwa mayor on why he’s not seeking a second term

‘Good chance’ at attempt for future in provincial politics.

Telkwa Mayor Darcy Repen announced he will not be seeking reelection this year at the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce luncheon last Thursday.

“I have heard from some people I think are very confident and capable that intend to run,” said Repen in a speech to the crowd gathered at Pioneer Place Activity Centre in Smithers. “So I am definitely optimistic that Telkwa will be in good hands in the future.”

Repen said he hopes to focus on economic development opportunities he hasn’t had time for because of his mayoral duties.

“I’ve always felt I’m more of an activist and want to try and move forward some other projects that don’t have the day to day restrictions of being a mayor,” said Repen.

The mayor also said there’s a “good chance” he will run in the next provincial election either as a independent or with another party that may emerge in rural B.C.

Repen said a zoning bylaw review is his, and council’s, first and foremost priority this year.

“[We want to] get Telkwa to the point where we’re a bit less of a bedroom community to Smithers and more of a standalone community with retail opportunities, services and businesses with employment within the village,” said Repen.

“The zoning bylaw is absolutely core to that to make sure those opportunities exist for our businesses and residents.”