Telkwa sign. (Josh Casey photo)

Telkwa sign. (Josh Casey photo)

Telkwa council tackle soccer field damage

Possible closure of the soccer field to fix damage from path through it discussed.

Telkwa held their council meeting Monday (June 26), there were a few notable items on the agenda.

Read the full story in the July 5 edition of The Interior News.

Soccer field

Council discussed the possibility of closing the “all-weather” soccer field because of damage done to part of the field. Coun. Leroy Dekens said there’s a path on the field from people walking on it from the winter and spring, causing gravel to show.

“It’s unfortunate, it’s getting used but we don’t want to damage it to the point where it’s going to take a lot of money to recover it,” Coun. Brad Layton said.

Dekens echoed Layton’s comments, but suggested a partial closure of the damaged portion of the field so it wouldn’t affect soccer or events as much.

“Why couldn’t we fence off one area and just play in that corner [the area in good shape],” he said.

Council will also be looking at a permanent solution to prevent people from walking through the field so the damage won’t happen again.

Coun. Coralee Karrer suggested putting a locked gate up so people won’t use the shortcut that is causing the damage to the field.

“I think that’s the permanent remedy for it, like we need a permanent closure of that path,” stated Mayor Darcy Repen.

Dekens suggested moving the locked gate.

“We get rid of that gate at the bottom and move it up behind the derby grounds,” he said.

Council have deferred the potential closure to the operations staff to decide on whether or not a full or partial closure will take place. They will also look at if a top soil or organic matter will help in binding with the seed to make the field more durable. Currently the field sits on a washed granite stone.

If staff decide to move forward with a full closure, the field could be shut down until June and would have an effect on this year’s Telkwa Barbeque and ball tournament. The closure would also affect next year’s soccer season.