Smithers Weekly Police Blotter March 25 – 31

Smithers RCMP open 93 new files including eight mental health calls

Blotter bug

Blotter bug

Total Files: 93

Impaired Drivers Stopped: 2

Mental Health Calls: 8

Crimes Against Person Files: 4

Property Crime Files: 3

Other Criminal Code Files: 5


A few of the neverending scams that people are constantly faced with.

File# 2021-1065 Smithers RCMP received a complaint of an email scam. The scammer(s), claiming to be Canada Post, sent an email to the complainant indicating their parcel had been re-routed and needed their information again. The complainant provided their information believing it was necessary to get the parcel delivery back on track. The complainant later received a call from their bank advising that the scammer(s) had obtained their personal information.

File# 2021-1069 Smithers RCMP received a complaint of another email scam. In this scam the emailer requested recipients purchase Google Play gift cards and then provide the usage codes in order to activate the cards. Luckily the complainant recognized this as a scam and no money was transferred or lost.

File# 2021-1083 Smithers RCMP received a fraudulent cheque complaint. The complainant was selling an item on Kijiji and conversed with someone supposedly interested in buying their item. The seller felt that the buyers story was “fishy” so they correctly waited for the cheque to arrive before sending the item to the buyer. The complainant took the cheque to the bank where it was confirmed that the cheque was in fact counterfeit. In this case the complainant trusted their suspicion and is not out any money.

Smithers RCMP would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be cautious of their online activities as the Internet is full of scammers looking to make easy money from trusting individuals. Anyone who has received suspicious or scam related interaction online or by phone should report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center either online or by phone at 1-888-495-8501.

On March 31 the detachment members had a busy evening which started with an assault investigation. An intoxicated 19 year old male assaulted another male in an apartment building. The male resisted arrest and fought with the responding members and was then taken to hospital for assessment. At the same time members were dealing with the assault investigation three different Mental Health Act files were received within an hour of each other all requiring priority response from the detachment. After dealing with these files the male arrested for the assault was cleared by the hospital for incarceration and was lodged in to cells.

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