Smithers high schoolers make their picks for election

Smithers high school students were given the opportunity to conduct a mock-election after a high school all-candidates forum.

  • Nov. 17, 2011 12:00 p.m.

Students at Smithers Secondary School participated in a school-based candidates forum and afterwards  cast votes in a mock-election on who they thought were best suited to council.

The results below are entirely informal and non-scientific.

When it came to Smithers’ mayor, 111 students voted for Taylor Bachrach, while 34 supported incumbent Cress Farrow.

For council, Phil Brienesse leads the pack with 99 votes. That’s followed by Scott Groves with 83; Charlie Northrup with 75; Mike Sawyer with 71; Mark Bandstra with 70; Bill Goodacre with 67; Fray Wray with 65; Ken White with 60; Dan Mesec with 46; Cheryl Ann Stahel with 36; Pauline Goertzen with 34; and Norm Adomeit with 12.

Not all council candidates could attend the forum.

For the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako, Shelley Brown sneaked a single vote ahead from Stoney Stoltenberg with 39, giving her the win in the mock election. Candidate Eugene Bekar received 30 votes.

Some classes voted on school trustee candidates, however none of the candidates were actually at the event.

The result of that mock-vote was Lara Collingwood leading with 47; Victor Jim with 37; Frank Farrell with 36; and Kim Martinsen with 24.