Road improvements in Smithers for 2017.                                (Town of Smithers map)

Road improvements in Smithers for 2017. (Town of Smithers map)

Smithers approves $478,000 of paving

The paving over the water improvements on Main St. includes 1.8 metres of widening for bike lanes.

Smithers council had a busy meeting last Tuesday, supporting another brewery, a new airport café, a geotechnical survey of the Rosenthal Road collapse, and a major water and paving project on Main Street. They also passed third reading of a new water use restriction.

Read the full story in the July 5 edition of The Interior News.

Roads and water

Rosenthal Road needs fixing. It is down to one lane after collapsing during heavy spring rains.

It is not only important for residents who live down the road that is their only way out, but it is also the way to reach Smithers’ water treatment plant.

Council approved a geotechnical investigation contract with Amec Foster Wheeler to determine repair options at a cost of $31,700.

Coincidently, the large watermain looping project and related re-paving of Main Street beside Ranger Park was approved at the same meeting. The watermain upgrade has been identified as a priority since 2008.

It should increase water pressure to hydrants, eliminate water stagnation on Victoria Drive, and extend the Town’s water distribution system towards Riverside Trailer Park.

The street will be 1.8 metres wider to accomodate a bicycle lane and improve pedestrian safety on the way to Riverside Campground.

The price tag is $242,443 for the watermain and $235,143 for the paving, which went to LB Paving Ltd.

LB also got the paved road maintenance contract of $242,619 to fix up other streets around town.