Skeena TV brings new channels to the Hazeltons

The Skeena TV and Radio Association brought three new channels to the Hazeltons and surrounding area.

The Skeena TV and Radio Association updated some of their equipment last fall and brought three new channels to the Hazeltons and surrounding area.

The three new channels and CTV were put on a digital signal which meant people with older televisions were forced to upgrade to a newer model or purchase a converter in order to get all the channels.

While the upgrades have been a success according to President Rick Vipond, there were a few people who lost Channel 7 and didn’t realize

it was due to the switch from analog to digital.

There was hope that the remaining five channels would be able to remain on analog for sometime.

However, with CBC making the switch next month to digital it was the decision of the STVRA that they should invest in going digital sooner.

This means that within the year residents in the Hazeltons will no longer receive any analog channels.

Consequently, Hazelton residents will have to upgrade their home systems in order to continue to get the nine free channels currently offered.

There is also hope the STVRA will be able to bring more channels in the future, but for now they are focusing on the upgrades.

“For now we are just looking at switching everything to digital,” Vipond said.

“Although we are also looking at getting a different channel instead of the current Turner Classic Movie Channel broadcasting on 7.2.

“It’s all really old movies and we have had a few people requesting something else.”

For those not taking advantage of the free nine channels offered in the area, Vipond said that all that is required in most situations is an antenna.

“There are a lot of people who still don’t know about the free broadcasting in the area,” he said.

“It’s a great option when it costs so much for cable or satellite,” he explained.

“Although some people wouldn’t want to give up all their channels, the ones we do have offer a lot to viewers.”

Currently people can receive, Discovery, Knowledge, History, TSN, CTV, CBC, Global, TCM, and CHEK The latter switches to local news out of Terrace every evening at 6 p.m.

For more information on how to get an antenna, to inquire about upcoming upgrades or to offer suggestions for possible channels please contact Vipond and the Association at