Search and rescue called for missing cyclists on Hudson Bay Mountain

On May 22, at approximately 3 p.m., RCMP were notified of two males who had become lost while mountain biking on Hudson Bay Mountain.

One of the males was carrying his cell phone and was able to contact a family member via text messaging who in turn contacted the police.

The males were wet and cold due to the heavy rain fall and temperatures at the time.

Police were able to communicate with the males via text messaging and gathered information regarding their surroundings. It was learned that the males were trapped in a deep ravine near a waterfall and were unable to get back out due to snow levels, fallen trees and weather conditions.

Both males were advised to remain in the ravine until rescue crews could attend.

Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue was called in and readily attended the area. Information regarding the males’ surrounding was provided to the SAR members who immediately knew the area and the general location of the males.

Approximately one hour after arrival on scene SAR members located both males in the ravine and quickly removed them. Both males were cold and wet due to exposure to the elements however neither male required medical attention. The bikers advised they have become disoriented following a minor injury which was compounded by the current snow pack which remains on the closed mountain biking trails in the area. The snow pack hampered travel forcing the bikers to re-route their descent resulting in both becoming lost.