SD 54 parents, teachers polled on Spring Break

School District 54 is considering a two-week spring break for the 2014-2015 year

School District 54 is considering a two-week spring break for the 2014-2015 year.

Earlier this month, SD 54 sent out a questionnaire to parents and teachers, asking if they would prefer a two-week long spring break in 2015 and when it should be.

If a two-week break was adopted, respondents were also asked how to make up the lost time and given three options: moving a non-instructional day to August, extending Thursdays to regular school hours or a combination of the two.

SD 54 assistant superintendent Mike McDiarmid said ever year districts are required to consult on the upcoming school year’s calendar. The questionnaire was a way to open the conversation up and brought in more than 400 parent responses, he said.

“We’re just pulling together the results now,” McDiarmid said. “We’re hoping to have this wrapped up by the end of February.”

SD 54 students have had a two-week break in the past, where Spring Break and Easter are combined.

This year, students get a week off from classes. The last day of school before Spring Break is March 14. Students go back on March 24. Easter doesn’t fall until the third week of April.

SD 54 officials have, over the years, heard comments about a two-week break allowing for families to go on trips and enjoy the time off more.

“That’s what we’ve heard from our parents over the years: living in the north, sometimes it’s nice to have that extra bit of time to travel,” McDiarmid said.

“We’re trying to listen to our parents and our staff and make some good decisions based on that.”