School administrators are on the move

Affecting schools in Houston and in Smithers

School administrators are on the move

Administrators at Houston and Smithers schools are being shuffled for the next school year, School District 54 has announced.

Bev Forster, now the principal at Muheim Memorial Elementary in Smithers, a post she’s held for four years, is moving to be the principal at Silverthorne Elementary in Houston.

It’s a familiar school to Forster as previous to her time at Muheim, she was principal at Silverthorne for two years.

Following an eight-year stint as principal at Smithers Secondary School, Jaksun Grice is to be the principal for both Houston Secondary School and Twain Sullivan Elementary, also located in Houston.

Current Houston Secondary/Twain Sullivan principal Craig McAulay, who has held that position for five years, is moving to Muheim Elementary in Smithers. Previous to his time in Houston, McAulay was vice principal at Smithers Secondary School.

Rounding out the list of administrators on the move is Julie Krall who after four years of being the principal at Silverthorne and three years prior to that as vice principal at Houston Secondary, is to be the new principal at Smithers Secondary School.