Residents will be rewarded for reducing their waste production

  • May. 3, 2011 6:00 a.m.

Village of Telkwa council has had a look at the proposed new pricing system for solid waste disposal and they liked what they saw.

The findings by Telkwa staff were presented at last week’s regular council meeting. In the report, it’s set out that residents will pay 27 cents per litre of waste.

Residents will have the choice of purchasing a 135 litre container, 240L, or 360L.

Cost per litre remains the same at all three levels but the yearly cost naturally goes up the higher volume of waste people dispose of.

At the smallest, 135L size the annual cost is suggested to be $78.45 to a resident. At the largest, 360L size, the annual cost goes up to $139.20.

Council is in favour of the new pricing setup as it will encourage a reduced waste stream.

“It is more fair way to do the garbage collection because if you create more garbage you should pay more,” said Director of Public Works and Engineering Alfred Reutelsterz.

“This is a fairly significant change. We’re going from having a flat-fee garbage collection service to having a pro-rated garbage collection service that rewards people for reducing their waste production,” added Councillor Taylor Bachrach.

The final cost of delivery of the new garbage carts has yet to be worked out and the new prices will eventually be worked into a new waste collection bylaw for the village.