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Residents of Coalmine Road in Telkwa demand answers from Council

Residents confused over letter from Village of Telkwa
The water main line has broken twice on Coalmine Road in Telkwa, causing floods for nearby residents. (Submitted photo)

Telkwa council has been asked repeatedly over the past several years about the Water Main Project on Coalmine Road, without answers, so at the last meeting of council, April 25, residents packed the chamber room, demanding answers.

Telkwa Mayor Leroy Dekens wrote down all the concerns brought forward at the meeting, and promised to get back to the residents.

According to Dekens, he did this personally, door to door, by himself during the last week of April.

According to Dekens, he understands the frustrations and concerns of the residents, as the water system has broken and failed at least twice in the past couple of years, flooding properties, causing water shortages and numerous problems for residents and the Village of Telkwa.

“The infrastructure is old, it needs replacing and everyone understands that need,” Dekens said.

“It is a case of ensuring the contractor lives up to the promises made to not only replace the system, but to replace and/or repair any fencing and landscaping as good as or better than the condition it was in before construction.”

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Prior to receiving the answers to the questions raised at council on April 25, Lev Hartfeil, Director of Operations for the Village of Telkwa had sent a letter to all the residents regarding the Water Main Replacement Project on Coalmine Road, and how they could potentially be impacted.

According to a number of the residents at the meeting, this letter stated “any tees or mature shrubs that have to be removed within the right of way area will not be replanted, but the land will be left in a condition which will not inhibit natural regeneration of such trees and shrubs. Lawn will be restored with sod where required.”

This left residents who have done extensive landscaping concerned and upset.

According to Dekens, it is now up to the residents and the contractor to communicate any issues that may arise from the project.

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Letter to Coalmine Road residents from Village of Telkwa on April 4, 2023. (Submitted)
Page two of letter to residents of Coalmine Road in Telkwa about Water Main Project. (Submitted)
Questions from residents of Coalmine Road and answers from Council in Telkwa. (Submitted)
Questions from residents of Coalmine Road and answers from Council in Telkwa. (Submitted)