Reflections of Hope exhibit opens on Friday

  • Jan. 10, 2011 12:00 p.m.


Reflections of Hope: Images From Our Community Art Exhibit, showcases the best photos from the 2009 and 2010 Camera Projects.

These two photography projects aimed to provide the opportunity for lower-income individuals to participate in an art project.

The chosen photos in the exhibit are decidedly positive, as the purposes of the projects were to focus on belonging to community.

The Camera Project was modeled after a similar project initiated in Vancouver’s Lower Ease Side. Smithers is the only community other that Vancouver to do this.

In the two years 88 disposable cameras were handed out with 50 returned. The cameras were handed out in June.

Melanie Monds, Project Coordnator, said, “I expected the cameras back in three weeks but participants would come to me and say I can’t return my camera yet I still have five photos left”. Monds also stated that the participants took the project very seriously and would like to do it again.

One participant whose photo was in the calendar said “it’s good having my photo in the calendar but next year I’m going to win”.

Two local visual artists chose the best 40 photos. For the 2009 Camera Project Virginia Pohl did this task and for the 2010 Camera Project Facundo Gastiazoro. The top forty from each year were arranged on a board and brought to the Famers Market and to Mountain Eagle Books for the community to vote on the best photos.

Without the financial support from the Wetsin’kwa Community Forest Corporation Grant program and the Bulkley Valley Credit Union this art exhibit would not be possible. The opening night will be on January 14 with music provided by James Lamb and Peter Haines. A second opening will be held at noon on January 20.

Positive Living North is a community based organization that focuses on wellness and strength in the lower income population in the Bulkley Valley. Our daily drop-in programs are open to the community.