Quarry raises concern for council

  • Mar. 18, 2011 1:00 p.m.

The Village of Telkwa has supported an application for a gravel and sand quarry in their area but have expressed two key concerns for the proposal.

Telkwa was able to comment on an application by Nu-Source Aggregrates, which was forwarded to area government and stakeholders by the Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB). As part of the process ILMB had to send the application out for comment.

While supportive of the application, they were concerned about developments on non-municipal land that would cause increased traffic to their roads.

“We would prefer that it was located within the Village boundaries,” said councillor Rimas Zitauskas

The concern, shared by other councillors, is that there won’t be any tax revenue coming from an operation on the Regional District side of the boundary which would go towards maintaining Skillhorn road.

“Now we’re going to have more trucks going down [Skillhorn],” said Jim Hiltz.

Hiltz also expressed concern over the community’s desire to keep that area open for recreation, which came through past consultations.

In the end council wrote in reply to the application to the ILMB, supporting the development but noted their discussed concerns.

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