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Northwest NDP politicians host virtual holiday open house

Over $2,000 raised for charity
Taylor Bachrach, MP for Skeena - Bulkley Valley, Jennifer Rice MLA for North Coast, and Nathan Cullen, MLA for Skeena hosted a virtual open house, constructing gingerbread houses and chatting while encouraging viewers to donate to charities. (Facebook photo)

A group of northwest politicians assembled gingerbread houses during a virtual open house Dec. 22, urging viewers to donate to local charities.

Taylor Bachrach, MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, Nathan Cullen, MLA for Skeena, and Jennifer Rice, MLA for North Coast, spent nearly two hours in a teleconference, streamed live over Facebook, chatting and building their ginger bread houses.

They highlighted four local northwest charities that could use donations, though viewers were encouraged to donate to any local organization.

Representatives of the highlighted non-profits appeared briefly throughout the livestream to discuss their intiatives, including Amanda Owens, executive director of Ksan Society in Terrace, Sarah Payne, on-site manager for Positive Living North - Bulkley Valley, Scott Zayac, executive director of the Lakes District Family Enhancement Society, and April Link, housing director for North Coast Transition Society.

The open house raised over $2,000 for various organizations, Bachrach said.

The video of the virtual open house had over 1,600 views as of Dec. 29, which includes people who watched the event live as well as people who watched later.

Viewers who watched live were able to participate by posting Facebook comments under the video that were seen by Bachrach, Rice and Cullen.

Many people wrote comments expressing gratitude for the event.

“I have been craving a good laugh like this,” wrote Nancy Taylor.

“This is the greatest entertainment I have had for months.”

“What a dedicated creative team! Love it,” wrote Saša Loggin.

“Thanks for sharing your skills with us. So fun!”