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Moricetown subdivision evacuated

Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue helps Moricetown subdivision evacuate after beaver dam burst.

One beaver dam burst forced the evacuation of homes in the Two Mile subdivision of Moricetown Friday, and another threatens more homes and the CN rail line.

Highway 16 traffic is also down to one lane alternating traffic as flood water from Corya Creek pours over the highway.

Moricetown Band Chief Duane Mitchell said Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue out of Smithers helped evacuate about seven homes surrounded by water.

“With the rain continuing to fall, the situation is not getting any better,” said Mitchell Friday just before 2 p.m.

“We’re trying to get the people out. We’ve got places set up for them at our multiplex at the Moricetown gym. At this moment here, our first concern is to get the people out of that affected area.”

Cots and food are available at the multiplex for anyone who does not have another place to go.

The sewer has backed up in the subdivision’s homes. Mitchell said at least two homes have water flooded in up past the sump pumps.

Mitchell also said the second beaver dam holding back more of the creek is on the opposite side of the CN rail tracks, and officials are keeping an eye on it as it would make things even worse.

“We hope and pray that the beavers do their job,” he said.