MMES students tell us what they’re grateful for

The Interior News asked a Muheim Elementary classroom what they are most grateful for

What are you grateful for?

With Thanksgiving around the corner, The Interior News asked a classroom of Muheim Memorial Elementary School (MMES) students what they were most grateful for in their lives.

The answers varied widely, but there were some common themes, such as family, basic necessities and an improved heating system within the school that was installed over the summer.

Read their answers below:

I am most grateful for going to The Meadows and hanging out with the elders and going to the Reggio and for having a school and a funny teacher to laugh with. -Yaeva, 10

My mom and dad paying for figure skating and buying us food and paying for school. And experiencing a wonderful trip to Ukraine! I love my family and friends! -Taya, 9

Being at school every day and seeing my friends all of the time. I’m thankful for good meals every day. I’m grateful for having cool teachers. -April, 9

I’m grateful for having good food, having books to read and having T.V. so that I can watch The Simpsons. -Connor, 9

I am grateful for being able to have a kind and loving family to come home to after school. I am also grateful for being in my class and being able to go to a lot of places like The Meadows, Reggio, the Art Gallery, skiing and going on other walking trips. -Leif, 10

I am most grateful for my family who lets me play golf for fun and I sometimes take lessons. I am also grateful for a warm and comfortable school and life. I am grateful for having a family that cares for me. -Isaac, 10

I am most grateful that I have a wonderful family to raise me. -Kaede, 9

I am most grateful for having a mother and a father that care for me. Having a great teacher that is nice and funny. Being me (because I am awesome) and finally I am thankful for having food and water. -Isla, 9

I am most grateful for clean water, air etc. and having a house and being healthy. I am grateful for having friends, books and clothes, plants and animals and our hunting cabin. I am thankful for having food every day and having an education. Going to The Meadows, our planet and my parents. -Cody, 10

I am most grateful for being active because I love sports like skiing, soccer, running, ping-pong, biking, mini-golfing, tennis and trampolining. I am also grateful to come home to a warm dinner each day. -Dylan, 10

I am most grateful for my family’s love to me (my mom Erin, my dad Phil and my grandparents Joan and Alan). I am grateful for the food I receive every day. I am grateful for an awesome warm loft bed. I am grateful for my education. And I am grateful for my family’s hot tub. -Fiona, 9

Having friends that are weird with me and having good sisters that play grames with me. Having basic needs met like food and water and also family. Having a big, warm house in a nice location. -Greyson, 10

Going to a warm school in the morning and having a great, awesome, epic and funny teacher. Going home to a warm house after school. Having clean water when I’m thirsty. Having clean, comfy clothing. -Adrian, 10

I’m grateful for parents with a sense of humour. I am also grateful for friends who stand by me. I’m thankful for air, food and water and for having a warm school, a nice teacher and a good education. I am grateful that I have friends and family who love me very much. I am also grateful for being healthy. -Ella, 10

I am most grateful for having shelter, having fresh water and yummy food. I also appreciate that I have a bike, a scooter and a dog. -Noah, 9

I am most grateful for friends and family who love me, clean air and water and healthy food. I am also grateful for education. I appreciate my teachers, friends and all the stuff we learn -Malia, 10

I am grateful for being able to do sports and fun activities. I am also thankful for fresh food and water. -Corbin, 9

I am grateful for my family, books, plants, a warm school and my funny teacher. -Medeas, 10

I am most grateful for: my friends and family who love me. I also appreciate clean water, food and air. I am thankful for being a healthy person. -Molly, 9

I am most grateful for my family and friends who are the blessings I count each day. I am also grateful for being able to spend my days working with students who remind me to be curious, silly and resilient. -Liliana, Teacher

Some answers have been edited for clarity and/or spelling


Liliana Pesce’s class works on their responses to a class assignment on gratitude and thankfulness. (Trevor Hewitt photo)

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