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Kispiox elects a new chief

Louise Johnson is the first female chief for Kispiox.
Louise Johnson is shown in this undated photo. (Facebook photo)

Kispiox has elected its first female chief.

Louise Johnson was elected the new chief July 20. When she found out she was the first woman to become chief, she was excited.

“I was very elated, excited, thankful for the community support,” she said.

Johnson is looking forward to achieving goals in her term.

“Being able to work as a team with the elected councilors and administration staff; looking at implementing possible housing for our community members; different avenues that we could look at to ensure that our community is getting what we need — providing more economic ventures that will sustain the community and to be self-sufficient; looking to provide more recreational and cultural activities for the members; and being accountable and transparent to the membership,” she said.

As for bringing the community together, Johnson is hoping to have meetings with the members to build trust.

“I’m hoping I can get the council on-board to host quarterly community meetings so that does constitute the transparency and accountability to each and every one of them — that they know exactly what’s happening at our table.”

“I look forward to an interesting two years and hopefully at our first community meeting we can set some goals with the community and work toward to meeting those goals,” said Johnson.

The council consists of the following nine members:

- C. Stuart Barnes

- Darlene P. Clayton

- Charles F. Hillis

- Louise M. Johnson

- Rosaline E. Starr

- Kevin B. Stevens

- Maxwell K. Stevens

- Cheryl B. Williams

- Lorne T. Wilson