Kispiox Band election July 20

Kispiox Band election July 20

Voting is taking place at the Community Hall. Two chief candidates spoke with The Interior News.

The Kispiox Band is holding their election for chief and council on July 20.

Of the 10 candidates for chief, here are some available nominees’ platforms:

Holly Weget

“There’s so much turmoil right now and like everybody else says, their always saying employment, security, housing, elders and children. Those are really major, major attributes that we have to be talking about, but at the same time, my platform is alternative resources. We’ve got too many resources here that we have been overlooking and it’s time for us to capitalize on it,” she said.

“I went to school for social and economic development, so I have studied a lot of our people from going way back and we haven’t even begun to tap into any of our valuable resources that are being totally exploited now,” Weget added.

Weget is against LNG

“I am totally against it, because LNG is not fulfilling any obligations. They have monopolized one company and that one company gets to pick and choose who gets to work and then they do work with them, they don’t get paid accordingly and that’s plain wrong. That is one person dictating LNG for the Gitksan and that person cannot even produce a status card … if you can produce a status card, you can speak, but if you can’t produce it, then why are you speaking on our behalf,” she said.

Charles Hillis

“I’d like to make sure that the administration is running properly and everything’s smoothly. Right now we’re sort of [in] disagreements and spread out. I want everybody to be [a] happy family more or less,” he said about his campaign platform.

Hillis is against LNG

“I’m against LNG and I’d like the fisheries to open for native fishermen,” he said.

The Interior News was unable to reach the remaining eight candidates.

Those eight that are running are;

Maurice Barnes

Tiffeny Denny

Louise Johnson

Maxwell Stevens

William Starr

Lorne Wilson

Diane Wright

Jack Wright

Voting is taking place Thursday, July 20 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Community Hall.