Adam Koch is running for one of six council seats in the 2022 Smithers municipal election. (Submitted photo)

In their own words: Adam Koch

For Smithers council

To kick off our municipal election coverage, The Interior News asked all the candidates to prepare a 250-word submission that answered the following questions:

1. What is the most pressing issue facing your municipality?

2. As mayor/councillor, what do you intend to do to address that issue?

3. What is it about your background, experience, knowledge and/or personality you believe makes you qualified/suitable to be successful in the position you are seeking?

Based on the feedback I’ve heard so far, the big issues that the citizens of Smithers have are the lack of transparency and communication between the town’s decisions and what the citizens are told. People’s concerns aren’t being heard, that needs to change. The town must be financially responsible.

“Taxes have been going up, where has the money gone?” is a very common question.

I have also heard lots of concerns about affordable housing, infrastructure, especially roads, and concern about their safety in certain areas.

As councillor I plan to make the town council’s meetings much more transparent, and make sure that the community feels like they’re not left in the dark until a decision is already made. That the decisions made are because it’s what the citizens want.

Whether this is just having a better website for people to communicate with the town or having more community events at times people can attend.

As for housing, we need more high-density buildings and I intend to make sure this is addressed. There is a severe lack of available housing and rentals, and it’s affecting everyone including businesses, schools being able to house teachers, and even students coming here for education.

I believe my experience with helping in the community such as being a computer tutor at the library. And my two years of financial education along with being a long-time Smithers resident makes me a candidate.

Feel free to contact me for more information at or on Facebook.

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