Impaired driving up in the Bulkley Valley during playoffs

Impaired driving numbers go up during NHL playoffs.

  • Jun. 22, 2011 7:00 p.m.

Bulkley Valley hockey fans were a well-behaved bunch over the course of the playoffs in general, save for a spike in impaired driving investigations during winning games.

Sgt. Kirsten Marshall with the Smithers RCMP said that during the Canucks’ last winning game, which would have been June 6 in game five, there was a spike in impaired investigations

“We did have more impaired but we had more bodies out working, anticipating that there may be more traffic around,” she said.

The week was busier in general for impaired driving, she added.

There was a road check on the highway during the same game which also caught several impaired drivers, she said.

Between June 9 and June 15, the RCMP completed 12 impaired driving investigations.

A police media release also pointed out that impaired driving doesn’t have to only refer to automobiles. For example, two scooters and an ATV were impounded over the week and the drivers given immediate roadside prohibitions due to alcohol.

As for the big one, game 7 in Vancouver, there was nothing of note in the area as far as nuisances or impaired investigations.

“As far as [the Stanley Cup game], it was really good, no issues,” she said, adding, “Not like Vancouver.”