Group reviews survey results

The recently formed South Hazelton Community Association held their monthly meeting last week.

They reviewed the recent community survey sent out to South Hazelton residents and were pleased to announce it led them to believe they are on the right track.

They also officially elected their president, Julia Sundrell-Pierre and Vice President, Lyle West. The SHCA will meet the first Tuesday of every month and the next meeting they hope to have representation from the regional district and the Ministry of Transportation as well as MLA Doug Donaldson and possibly representation from the New Hazelton Fire Department.

When asked about the survey results, Sundrell-Pierre said there were some common concerns voiced that the society hopes to have answered at the next meeting.

“A lot of people are wondering what is going on with our water because we haven’t had an update since the regional district took over a long time ago,” she explained.

“There is also concern over the fact we don’t have enough volunteers to properly maintain our fire department and that issue needs to be addressed on several levels or to look at what it means to no longer have a functioning South Hazelton Fire Department.”

Sundrell-Pierre said the bottom line is they need new recruits to step up for the fire department and they hope to have some questions answered at the next meeting.

While the SHCA had hoped to have a lot of surveys in last week, they also said they will still accept any out there and people can still contact the Society through email or their website.

“We want this to be a community based Society that is a voice for our residents,” she said. “We know people are busy but we hope they will at least send us their email addresses and contact info so we can keep everyone informed about our meetings and things that are important to our area.”

For more information, please email or visit the website at