Willie Blackwater (Richard Wright photo)

Willie Blackwater (Richard Wright photo)

Gitsegukla Band elects chief and council

Willie Blackwater is re-elected as chief.

The Gitsegukla Band has released the results in the election for chief and council.

Voter turnout was 36 per cent or 262 voters with 251 ballots cast in person and the remaining 11 voted through the mail.

With a total of 112 votes, Willie Blackwater was re-elected chief.

“The plan for this term is to hold our re-elected and newly elected councillors into a team that is equal to or better than the team that we had just this past current term, where we mold together and our primary focus is on our community and our primary goal is to move from co-management into self management. Another goal that we have is to revisit our unresolved specific claims with INAC and CN,” he said.

Blackwater added they are also hoping to revisit the new subdivision to get it developed to create more housing.

Council will consist of the following eight members:

Jennifer Howard – 108 votes

Roxane Alexcee – 107 votes

Victoria Russell – 101 votes

Brian Wesley Sr. – 90 votes

Noel J. Argueta – 90 votes

Morris Charles Williams – 82 votes

Arthur Sampare Jr. – 73 votes

Darlene Carol Russell – 71 votes