Fields stores set to close

166 Fields stores will be closing their doors in the summer.

Hazelton residents have been voicing their concerns over the fact that the Fields store in New Hazelton has been slated for closure, along with all 166 other Fields locations across Canada.

Store employees say they expect the store to close sometime this summer or by August at the latest.

With a shortage of jobs in the area, this is a hard hit for some employees. However, it is a huge disappointment and very worrisome for  residents who will no longer have a place to shop for everyday items. Unlike Smithers, there are no longer other options and for many residents who don’t drive this will come at a huge price.

The decision to close the stores owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company comes as part of a strategic plan, according to their spokesperson Tiffany Bourré. She said the move is part of a company strategy to focus on its other stores: The Bay, Home Outfitters, and Lord & Taylor.

Smithers residents may also lose their Zellers store in the future as it too is under review. Early last year, the Hudson’s Bay Company sold 220 of its Zellers stores to Target Canada for $1.8 billion. The Smithers Zellers is one of the 84 remaining stores.

The Houston Today recently reported that the Hudson’s Bay Company would not disclose how many staff work at Fields, but Bourré did say the company will provide staff with “comprehensive career training and transition support services.”