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Electrical fire at Boston Pizza Friday Evening

No one was injured and there wasn’t any major damage to the building.
Emergency service members discuss the situation. (Michael Grace-Dacosta photo)

There was an electrical fire at Boston Pizza Friday evening.

Staff and patrons were evacuated.

The fire was caused by a malfunctioning heater.

“The local fire department did a great job; they came in and identified the problem and shut it down,” said Boston Pizza manager Adin Bennet. “There was actually no open flame, it just was smoking. [It was similar] to when you burn your toast.”

No one was injured and other than the broken heater and a few ceiling tiles firefighters had to remove to find the issue, there was no damage to the building, Bennet said.

Boston Pizza reopened the same night after getting clearance from the fire department and continued serving guests.

Boston Pizza staff wait outside of the restaurant as fire fighters evaluate the situation. (Michael Grace-Dacosta photo)