Crime round up for April 21 to 24

  • May. 2, 2011 3:00 p.m.

April 21

Bullying may have been a factor when a 13-year-old intentionally drove his quad into a 17-year-old on his quad on Willow Road in Telkwa. Police attended and found the victim at his home with abrasions, but required no medical attention. The victim informed police of the intentional nature of the 13-year-old’s actions and witnesses who were at the scene further corroborated the story. The suspect teen was later arrested and released to his guardians, pending charges of assault with a weapon. The investigation is continuing.

April 22

At 10:38 p.m. at the Smithers Chevron station, police responded to a report of an assault between a male and a female. The complainant told police when they arrived that the male had fled to the Chalet apartment building. The female was found and she had a large bump and a cut on her forehead. No medical attention was required. Investigators determined the incident was a domestic assault and the male was later arrested for assault. Alcohol appears to have been a factor and he was released pending charge approval.

April 23

An 80-year-old woman was allegedly struck in the face with a glass object by 35-year-old Rodney Patrick. Police were informed of the incident on Railway Avenue and when Patrick was aware police were on their way he reportedly fled on foot. Police were able to arrest him a short time later. Investigation revealed another incident where an 80-year-old male was also allegedly punched in the face by Patrick. Patrick was held for court but later released, and faces two charges of assault.

April 24

Northwest Regional Traffic Service officers got into a fracas during a routine traffic stop just after midnight. When officers stopped the van, the 42-year-old male driver moved from the driver’s seat to the middle seat, where he was sitting on another passenger’s lap. The driver appeared to be intoxicated. Allegedly a struggle ensued when the male refused to comply with orders to get out of the red van. He was eventually forcibly removed and arrested for obstruction, impaired driving and assaulting a peace officer. Two of the four passengers in the vehicle were also arrested, one for obstruction and the other for assaulting a police officer. The remaining two passengers were cooperative and were not arrested. The suspects were held in cells but were later released by a justice of the peace as the investigation is still ongoing.


The Smithers RCMP are cautioning the public against using the text-to-landline feature of their phone to contact them as the calls are often in poor quality and the call taker cannot hear all the information being passed on. The process also means that no further questions can be asked. While regular phone calls are preferred, if a text-to-landline must be used, make sure it is for an emergency and that plenty of detail is provided.