A wolf was reported to have killed a cross-country skier's dog Wednesday.

A wolf was reported to have killed a cross-country skier's dog Wednesday.

Conservation investigates report of Bulkley Valley wolf attack

Conservation today is investigating a skier's report of a wolf killing a dog. Two ski trails closed.

On Dec. 7, Smithers Conservation officers received a report from the Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club that a wolf attacked and killed a skier’s dog.

The skiier was then followed out on the trail by one of the wolves.

Conservation officers are on site and investigating the incident today. They will be out until dark. The skier was not injured during this incident.

The Pine Creek and dog trails will be closed Thursday, Dec. 8 while the Conservation officers investigate. Conservation asks people to not ski any of the Pine Creek or Pooch Paradise trails until further notice.

Conservation Officer Service Inspector Cam Schley said this is the first such incident with wolves that he could recall in his 18 years of service.

He said while wolves are not uncommon on Hudson Bay Mountain, an attack like this is “extreme” and very rare.

Schley said a moose cow and a moose calf carcass were found a couple hundred metres from the dog attack. He believes that is why the wolves are in the area, and they may have seen the dog as more prey.

He added that the skier did all the right things by not running while putting distance between himself and the wolf following him.

Schley stressed he did not want people to feel alarmed over such a rare occurance, but that people who feel they need some extra protection can bring bear bangers and bear spray with them after the trails are re-opened.