CN removes injunctions

CN has withdrawn injunctions against Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs.

CN has withdrawn injunctions against Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs. This comes a month after CN received, from the Supreme Court of British Columbia an injunction barring anyone from trespassing on CN’s rail line between Smithers and Terrace, or physically obstructing CN’s train operations in this corridor.

The rail company took this measure after the Gitxsan Treaty Society sent eviction notices to all businesses and government operations, saying that they will not be allowed back on the Gitxsan territory until both Crowns have obtained the required consent of the Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs.

“CN’s stay application was a good-faith gesture, mirroring the Gitxsan decision to suspend its notice of eviction affecting CN and other parties to allow for continued discussions on matters of concern to the Gitxsan,” said CN director of communications and public affairs, Mark Hallman. “CN believes there are reasonable prospects that these on-going negotiations, involving senior levels of government, will produce a resolution of outstanding issues.”

The Gitxsan Chiefs believe the Crowns have carried on fraudulent consultation processes in regards to BC Timber Sales and have not implemented any consultations before allowing sportfishing and transportation of goods by CN Rail.

The GTS previously told The Interior News that the eviction notices were also about the Crown failing to confirm a process to withdraw offers of Gitxsan lands and rights to the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum Indian Bands.  The Gitxsan said they have been making efforts for two years to work with both levels of government to solve the matter.

“The removal of the injunctions against me is an act of good faith on the part of CN,” said Beverley Clifton Percival, negotiator for the GTS. “This gives us confidence and optimism for a positive resolution on these issues.”

Clifton Percival said the provincial government recently has shown acceptable leadership and has reported that Minister John Rustad is personally involved and timelines are being followed for their process to remove Gitxsan lands from an offer to the other bands.