Christian Heritage Party candidate Don Spratt.

Christian Heritage Party candidate Don Spratt.

CHP selects anti-abortion crusader

Tumbler Ridge's Don Spratt is running in Skeena-Bulkley Valley against what he described as the secular humanist state.

Christian Heritage Party candidate Don Spratt has made it clear what the number one issue for him was in this federal election campaign.

“While there’s environmental issues, economic issues and I think in this area a lot of native issues that have to be addressed, I think because of the state and direction of the nation right now, if we don’t address the abortion issue — I call it the abortion holocaust because there’s been 4 million children that have died, innocent blood’s been shed in this country since 1969 and God’s not going to put up with it any longer. He’s the author of life and liberty,” said Spratt after being chosen by party members at the Old Church Aug. 24 in Smithers to run as their candidate.

Abortion does affect the finances of the country according to Spratt.

“We’re missing the equivalent of the population of Alberta that we could be using right now to pay for the medical bills, for example, that my generation is starting to come into in the health care system. There’s a demographic problem in this nation, and that’s just one of the consequences of losing 4 million people,” said Spratt.

The Tumbler Ridge native, who spends time in the Lower Mainland and is originally from Saskatchewan, said he is running in Skeena-Bulkley Valley instead of his home riding of Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies because of the new CHP policy under leader Rod Taylor of Telkwa to avoid competing for votes in most riding where there is a candidate who wants an abortion law. Conservative Bob  Zimmer is the incumbent there. Taylor is running in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Spratt said he would move to this riding if he won.

“There will be a learning curve, but people are pretty much the same everywhere you go,” said Spratt.

The CHP candidate has a history of fighting for abortion laws. Spratt was arrested in 2000 for breaking B.C.’s so-called “bubble law”, which creates a no-go zone for abortion protestors near clinics that perform the procedure. He was again arrested for protesting the bubble zone law itself outside a clinic.

Despite warning during the nomination meeting in Smithers that “secular humanism has failed wherever it has been applied … the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and around the world,” and that God would punish Canadians if they did not repent, Spratt said that non-Christians could support his party.

“From the beginning, there were lots of people in Canada who were non-Christians, but they at least had biblical moral values … they thought stealing was wrong, they though killing was wrong. Most people in Canada still believe abortion is wrong, that it’s murder.”