Perennial Bulkley Valley Exhibition favourites the Canine Stars perform on America's Got Talent with a mock-up of the judge's panel and dogs as stand-ins for the judges. (YouTube screenshot)

VIDEO: BVX faves Canine Stars perform on America’s Got Talent

The stunt dog show will not be at the Fall Fair this year due to COVID, but will be back in 2022

While fans of the Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show won’t be able to see the wildly popular act at the Bulkley Valley Exhibition (BVX) this year, they can still get their fix.

The Canine Stars, which is an annual attraction at the BVX, recently appeared on Season 16 of the TV competition show America’s Got Talent (AGT). The performance featured a mock-up of the judge’s panel with dogs as stand-ins for the judges with names such as “Bow-wowie Mandel” and “Simon Howl.”

The real judges were blown away by the act and gave the group a standing ovation.

“This is genius,” said the normally grumpy Simon Cowell. “I mean, seriously, genius.”

Howie Mandel called it “the best animal act I have ever seen on this show.”

Canine Stars were unanimously sent on to the next round.

Keri Caraher, a spokesperson for the group said they regretted they are unable to make it to Smithers this year due to COVID-19, but invited fans to watch the AGT performance on YouTube.

They are scheduled to be back at the BVX in 2022.

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