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VIDEO: Visiting tourists rescue baby mountain goat stuck between rocks in Kimberley

Kid returned to mom after being discovered three feet down and stuck on its back

Kimberley’s James ‘Archie’ Archibald and friends visiting from England had quite the wildlife encounter last week while heading to St. Mary Lake near Kimberley for some fishing.

On the drive to the lake they saw what appeared to be a goat in peril up the side of a mountain. It turned out that a baby mountain goat had fallen and been lodged in between two rocks. The distraught mother was not too far away.

“I’m sure my friends never expected to get this close to our local wildlife,” Archibald said.

The group jumped into action, parking their truck and running – one of the friends in flip flops – towards little hooves flailing in the air.

The slope was slippery with the overnight rain, Archibald said.

“As we started climbing, the mother stood over her kid and tilted her head towards us. We were very cautious she wasn’t going to ram us off the cliff. She then backed off and run up a couple hundred feet and watched.”

Archibald’s friend, Martin, was able to free the goat and put it on the rocks. Within moments, the kid realized they were safe and took off up the rocks to rejoin with Mom.

“Seeing it was down three feet and stuck on its back, it’s a good thing we didn’t keep driving and were able to help.”

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