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B.C. search and rescue team commends ‘excellent’ preparation of overdue camper

North Shore Rescue says good planning from the camper greatly aided rescue efforts
North Shore Rescue quickly deployed rescue teams and Talon Helicopters thanks to the preparation of an overdue camper. (NSR photo)

When an Elsay Lake camper failed to return at the appointed time, his contingency plans paid off and helped North Shore Rescue locate him quickly.

NSR said that when the camper didn’t show up, his contact phoned the RCMP. The prompt communication allowed NSR to stage a rescue operation at Seymour resort while Talon Helicopter scanned the trail to Elsay Lake. The camper was located at the Elsay Lake Shelter and flown out.

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The camper sustained an injury to his knee, which prevented him from making the hike out. But the hiker didn’t panic because he was prepared and had enough supplies to wait for the rescue team.

“Confident in his trip plan and knowing his contact would call for rescue when he did not return, he had made the smart choice to stay put and wait at the shelter, which is exactly where the NSR team found him,” NSR said in a debrief note.

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NSR said the camper’s experience is an excellent illustration of the Three T’s: trip planning, training and taking the essentials.

“This individual had researched his intended route and was well prepared for what he would encounter on his trip. Most importantly, he had left a Trip Plan with details of his route/destination with someone who knew to raise the alarm - and did, with enough time for a quick helicopter response - when he did not return at the appointed time.”

Across B.C., 1,211 rescues have been conducted by 72 teams. Twenty-eight percent of search and rescue calls have been for hikers.


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