Seabridge Gold is committed to

Seabridge Gold is Committed to Building a Strong Workforce in Northwest BC

Bursary program has awarded 294 bursaries worth $527,400 to date

Located 65 kilometres northwest of Stewart BC, Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project is a proposed copper, gold, silver and molybdenum mine. After receiving federal and provincial environmental approvals in 2014, Seabridge has been conducting exploration activities and extensive monitoring work at the KSM Project while meaningfully engaging with local communities and Indigenous partners, to design strategies for the responsible development of a future mine. The KSM Project has the potential to bring economic benefits and create multi-generation job opportunities in the region owing to its 52-year mine life.

Building A Local Workforce

During its five-year construction period, the KSM Project will create more than 1,500 onsite jobs and more than 1,400 onsite jobs during its 52-year mine life. And for the past ten years, Seabridge has been working with local businesses and employing people from Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups for environmental fieldwork, jobs in the project camps and other contracted work. As the KSM Project progresses, Seabridge plans to hire more local residents. Here’s how the company has been supporting local communities pursue their education and training for the past decade to ultimately build a strong workforce in northwest BC:

• Seabridge donated $300,000 to Coast Mountain College for its Intro to Trades program.

• Readying high school students to participate in trades training, Seabridge invested $400,000 in job readiness for community members and donated $100,000 to the former BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association.

• Furthering educational endeavors, Seabridge Gold also created the bi-annual KSM Project Bursary Program in 2016. To date, 294 bursaries and $527,400 have been awarded to date from this program.

Emily Buenten, one of the recipients of the bursary programs, says, “The Seabridge bursary has helped support me in my dream of being a nurse in North. Through their support, I can focus on my studies and education with some of the stress of finances alleviated. The nursing program comes with extra costs compared to other programs, such as having to buy scrubs, a stethoscope, and other supplies, but the Seabridge bursary has helped me with these purchases in my years of the nursing program. Thank you so much!.”

David Kurik, another recipient of the bursary programs, says, “The bursary program has been extremely helpful during a time when my future was uncertain. I now feel more secure in Heavy-Duty mechanical foundations, and it has helped in allowing me to obtain the things I need to be successful in this program.”

Parallelly, the Seabridge Gold team regularly participates in career fairs (Get Connected, Dease Lake, Gitanyow and Nisga’a Nations’ job expos) and industry events like the AME Roundup, to educate Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members about the Project’s current and future job opportunities.

Brent Murphy, Senior Vice President, Environmental Affairs at Seabridge Gold says, “As we continue to advance our KSM Project, supporting local communities through donations, sponsorships and job opportunities will always remain a key priority for the company. We are committed to advancing the Project while ensuring it positively contributes towards the economy and communities, we operate in.”

Supporting Local Communities

Seabridge, firmly believes that community acceptance is a combination of trust, truthfulness, and genuine continuous engagement. As part of its commitment to ensuring local communities benefit from the KSM Project, Seabridge annually sponsors fitness, training, community and well-being programs. To date, Seabridge Gold has donated/sponsored more than $1.3 million over the past 10 years that includes supporting the Tahltan Culture and Literacy Camp and donations to, Stewart Food Bank, Book Bus, the Northern Society for Domestic Peace, Salvation Army, Dr. REM Lee Hospital Foundation, Smithers Rotary Club, Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club, Terrace Search and Rescue, Bulkley Valley Child Development Centre and Stewart Community Connections Society.

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