Modern patio doors: Create seamless indoor-outdoor connections

Patio doors offer scenic views, allowing you to take advantage of the outside space and feel connected to nature.

Stylishly connecting indoor and outdoor living areas is becoming a trend in Canada. It leads to the expansion of floor space and creates a more appealing and exciting outlook.

That’s where patio doors come into play. They offer scenic views, allowing you to take advantage of the outside space and feel connected to nature.

What are patio doors?

Simply put, a patio door is a door that opens into the patio. It consists of glazed panels that slide open and shut. Patio doors are an ideal way to let a large amount of natural light in. They come in a wide variety of colours, styles, and materials. These doors usually come in 2 common types:

  • Sliding doors: These doors slide parallel to the wall and are a popular choice for contemporary homes. They consist of two panels – one is a fixed panel while the other slides.
  • French doors: Ideal for wider openings, these hinged, double glass doors come in steel, fibreglass, and PVC. They are more suitable for traditional homes.

Patio doors are used not only for connecting your interior with the backyard but also in other areas. Some homeowners even install them in living rooms to create a modern yet elegant look.

If you want to get inspired about how to use patio doors for your interior, make sure to follow your local window experts, who constantly share recent insights and industry trends.

Patio doors are an ideal way to let a large amount of natural light in, and come in a wide variety of colours, styles and materials to suit any home.

Why should I get patio doors?

As discussed earlier, patio doors offer unobstructed views of nature. Here are some more advantages of patio doors.

  • Sturdy and secure: The increased home security that sliding patio doors offer is one of their main benefits. For additional protection, they can be customized with a multi-point locking system, kick-in locks, and standard key locks to provide extra security from home intruders.
  • Natural light: Patio doors are made up of large floor-to-ceiling panes of glass that allow a considerable amount of natural night into your home so you can soak up that vitamin D during cold winter days.
  • Property value: If you have a beautiful patio, it would be a shame not to have a clear view of it. Adding a patio door will increase the value of your property and attract potential buyers.
  • Energy efficient: Patio doors are energy efficient with special insulation and high-performance low-e glass. Installing these doors will significantly reduce your energy costs as they block the cold air, keeping your home warm during cold winter days and cool during summer days.
  • Customizable: Each patio door can be customized in different styles, colours or materials per your requirements.

Which house styles are patio doors suitable for?

Because of their linear look, you’ll mostly see patio doors in contemporary homes. These doors have a simple design without too much detail.

For a modern look, use a sliding patio door; they offer a wide-open view from floor to ceiling. The glass panels provide a transparent view of the outdoor space.

On the other hand, if you are seeking a traditional look, then French patio doors are what you need. The timeless beauty and unique design of these doors will revamp the look of your home!


New patio doors will be your best if you want to enjoy the scenic outdoor views without leaving your home. These doors blend the boundaries between outdoors and indoors, allowing you to sit back and relax. Whether you want a contemporary or a traditional look, choosing the right door makes plenty of difference as it completely transforms your place.

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