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Gymnastics season swings into high gear with Valentine’s meet

The themed event was held at Smithers Saltos Gymnastics Club
Coach Chloe Collingwood with her athletes Lumina Wilson, Anika Northcott and Kaiya Staplin. (Elaina Staplin/Contributed to Black Press Media)

Another year of gymnastics in Smithers is underway as a themed competition helped jump-start the season.

The Smithers Saltos Gymnastics Club held a Valentine’s meet two weekends ago, the Sweet Meet, which was the first regional competition of the season and featured athletes from across Zone 7. The female gymnasts competed in four events, beam, uneven bars, floor and vault, while the male gymnasts competed in six, pommel, high bar, parallel bars, rings, floor and vault.

Saltos coaches Daniil Moseev, Jenna Veenstra, Quinten Remillard, Lori Saffel, Hailey Johnson, Chloe Collingwood, Krista Wank and Cammy Elliott coached 37 Saltos gymnasts who participated in the event.

Lumina Wilson was the top-scoring Saltos athlete of the meet for all levels with an overall score of 35.50 out of a possible 40 points. Brooklyn Lomaz and Zoey Williams were tied as the second-highest-scoring Saltos athletes, with an overall score of 35.30.

Smithers Saltos Sweet Meet Results:

Silver Overall Canadian Competitive Program (CCP) Level 1:

Brooklyn Lomax, Stephanie Wright, Molly Stam, Blake Pederson

Silver Overall CCP2:

Alythia Walden-Misener, Olivia Eller, Lucy Stam, Marlowe Stewart, Zoey Williams, Teslin Wong

Silver Overall CCP3:

Keely Matthews placed 1st on floor, 2nd on vault, 3rd on Beam and Uneven Bars

Bronze Overall CCP3:

Jordan Lo placed 2nd on Uneven Bars and Floor, 6th on Vault, 4th on Beam

Gold Overall CCP4:

Taylor Anderson placed 1st on Uneven Bars, 2nd on Vault and Beam, and 4th on Floor

Silver Overall CCP4:

Evelyn Stam placed 1st on Vault and Floor, 2nd on Uneven Bars, 4th on Beam

Bronze Overall CCP4:

Taylor Jaarsma placed 3rd on all events

Gold Overall CCP6:

Lumina Wilson placed 1st on all events, with a high score of 9.3 on Floor. Gold Overall 35.50

Bronze Overall CCP6:

Kaiya Staplin placed 2nd on Uneven Bars, 3rd on Beam, 4th on Floor and 5th on Vault

Gold Overall CCP7:

Ruby-Mei Meyer placed 1st on Uneven Bars and Beam, and 3rd on Vault and Floor

Silver Overall CCP7:

Emma Hols placed 2nd on all events, with a high score of 9.1 on Floor

Bronze Overall CCP7:

Peytanne Brockley placed 1st on Vault and Floor with high scores of 9.4 on floor and 9.1 on vault

Silver Overall CCP8:

Hannah Robinson placed 2nd overall on all events

Gold Overall Xcel Bronze:

Onyx Carrington placed 1st on Vault, Uneven Bars and Beam and 2nd on Floor, with high scores of 9.2 on Vault and Beam

Silver Overall Xcel Bronze:

Juliana Creyke placed second on Vault, Uneven Bars and Beam, and 1st on Floor

Gold Overall Xcel Silver:

Orla Cunningham tied for 1st on Uneven Bars, and placed 2nd on Vault, Beam and Floor

Silver Overall Xcel Silver:

Kenzie Daykin tied for 1st on Uneven Bars, and placed 1st on Vault, Beam and Floor

Honourable mention goes to the dedicated athletes who scored 9+ out of a

possible 10 points:

Keely Matthews CCP3: Floor 9.050, Silver Overall 34.650

Jordan Lo CCP3: Floor Silver 9.00

Taylor Anderson CCP4: Uneven Bars Gold 9.00, Gold Overall 34.65

Evelyn Stam CCP4: Floor Gold 9.300, Silver Overall 34.20

Cathy Sommerfeld CCP4: Beam Gold 9.00, Silver Floor 9.00

Lumina Wilson CCP6: Beam Gold 9.00, Floor Gold 9.30, Gold Overall 35.50

Cadence Koehmstedt CCP6: Silver Floor 9.100

Emma Hols CCP7: Silver Floor 9.10

Peytanne Brockley CCP7: Gold Floor 9.400

Onyx Carrington Xcel Bronze: Gold Vault 9.20, Gold Uneven Bars 9.10, Gold

Beam 9.20, Gold Overall 34.80

Orla Cunningham Xcel Silver: Gold Uneven Bars 9.10

Kenzie Daykin Xcel Silver: Gold Uneven Bars 9.10, Gold Vault 9.00

Holly Grice, Saffy Hall, Aria Menzel, Claribelle McCall, Cathy Sommerfeld, Anika Northcott, Sarah Lo and Cadence Koehmstedt also achieved personal bests in various events.

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