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Charitable Status for BV Youth Sports Foundation

BV Youth Sports Foundation receives Charitable Status

The Bulkley Valley Youth Sport Foundation (BVYSF) has been granted charitable status by the Canada Revenue Agency, allowing them to make minor adjustments to their charitable purposes.

BVYSF is in the process of defining policies and procedures around their charitable purposes, while COVID has allowed them time to put all of this in place and make the necessary applications.

The Foundation is asking “everyone to hold tight and wait for the provincial government to reduce restrictions before we can start planning events and promotions.”

“We will be posting news on our website and social media pages and hope to have a launch event at some point this spring/summer.”

The Bulkley Valley Youth Sport Foundation was built on the vision of two childhood friends who grew up actively participating in the Smithers sport scene.

Their vision was an organization to give back to the community and create a legacy that supports local youth and promote sports participation and active living financially through grants to local sports organizations.


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