SD#54 School Board Offices (file photo)

SD#54 School Board Offices (file photo)

SD54 School Board Report

SD54 School Board Report


Report from the Administration:

Staffing: Tentatively, staffing levels will be very similar to the past year but with a small reduction in enrollment, there will be a small reduction in staffing. The district continues to receive applications from a number of certified teachers moving to the area and interested in positions for the upcoming year.

District/Authority Scholarships: SD54 has 20 District/Authority Scholarships to award this year. Presentations have been scheduled for the week of May 10 to 14.

Strategic Plan: As the district moves through budgeting and staffing for next year, priorities in the strategic plan are providing direction. Support for vulnerable students, district teacher time, social-emotional support for students, outdoor learning, physical literacy, and flexible learning are all being supported for next year.

Graduation Ceremonies: Graduation dates for Houston Secondary School will be June 11 and for Smithers Secondary School will be June 26.

The District Track Meet: This event has been cancelled this year, but SD54 is encouraging individual schools to hold events adhering to COVID rules.

Operations: The Silverthorne Daycare Project is on track to reach substantial completion by June 30. This schedule will allow the tenants to start moving their possessions into the daycare wing over the summer months with programs to start up by Sept. 1.

Committee Reports:

Report from the Operations Committee:

Draft 2021-2022 Budget: Secretary-Treasurer Dave Margerm provided the initial draft Budget and Bylaw to the committee. A few general highlights were presented to the committee. The draft 2021-2022 budget and public presentation will be held in May for stakeholder consultation.

2021-2022 capital Plans Response: Margerm provided an update to ministry-funded capital plans for the 2021-2022 year. The District has received a response letter from the ministry authorizing the funding of $731,406 towards the new HVAC system at Silverthorne Elementary School. The District has also applied for additional funding through a Carbon Neutral Grant.

Walnut Park Rebuild Update: Margerm provided a short update and the project continues to be within budget. The project is also still on schedule and expected to be completed by the end of July.

Walnut Park Totem Pole: The district is continuing to work with community partners in order to raise funds for the new totem pole. The cost of the pole and installation is expected to be approximately $300,000.

Birdy Markert, district principal of Indigenous education is working with a formal proposal to create support for funding from other organizations. The district has ordered two C-cans and Koralta will install them with roof systems in order to create a carving shed with storage.

The totem pole will stand 42 feet tall, clearing the school by 13 feet and be visible from the highway, and drawings are being worked on to hopefully be available at the May meeting.

New Business:

Annual School Calendar Policy is being developed which will give the district guidance on priorities that will help set the school calendar each year.

The Next Regular Board Meeting will be held on May 25, in Smithers at 7 p.m.