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School district drafts a second round of school calendars, based on public input

Input from parents, teacher and students is requested.
Public input requested on round two of school calendar drafts for 2024-2025.

After receiving feedback from parents, community and employee groups, some retooling has been done to the first draft of the 2023, 2024, and 2025 school calendars, and the school board has recommended distributing the second draft for public input.

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Adjustments of note include:

A Christmas break in the 2023-2024 calendar has been moved up by three days to accommodate requests for additional travel time before Christmas day.

Spring break in both calendars has been moved earlier by a week.

This is an attempt to align with a greater number of districts in the province.

At the request of the Bulkley Valley Teachers Union (BVTU), two Pro-D (professional development days), were moved from January in each calendar.

One to align with a regional Pro-D in April, the other to accommodate a May learning day.

The board expressed appreciation for the thoughtful feedback it received on the first drafts and ask for any input on these revisions.

Public input will be accepted until Friday, Feb. 10, at 3 p.m.

Feedback can be submitted by sending an email to: or by visiting the school district website.

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