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Greens form Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding association

Organizers hope association will help mount a stronger campaign in the next election
Mike Sawyer (standing far right) and friends awaiting election results in 2019 (Thom Barker photo)

A group of Green Party of Canada members living in the Skeena-Bulkley Valley federal riding gathered on Feb. 17 to form an Electoral District Association (EDA).

“An EDA will help with fundraising and organizing efforts throughout the year and all the party to have better campaigns in upcoming elections,” said Mike Sawyer, the Green Party candidate in the last federal election.

“An EDA is the start of more organized successful campaigns in the riding and an opportunity to engage with Green-minded residents,” organizer Kara Schaefer said.

The first priorities of the EDA will be to attract volunteers and seek out members and potential candidates, to elect a candidate, and then raise funds to run a strong election campaign in the next federal election.

In the last federal election in 2019, Mike Sawyer garnered 3,193 votes to place fourth behind winner Taylor Bachrach from the NDP, Conservative Claire Rattée and Liberal Dave Birdi.

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Following the last election in which the Greens saw a surge in support, if not MPs, Sawyer said he thinks fears people used to see as more abstract are now becoming more apparent in their day-to-day lives.

“All the press and discussion and the science and the warnings is now sort of percolating into people’s consciousness and and they’re worried about it,” he said.

Pointing to the Green Party’s platform he said it’s actually quite in line with what the majority of Canadians want with regard to climate.

The executive voted in: CEO Kara Schaefer, CFO Edward Quinlan, Secretary Phil Brienesse, Membership Chair James Emerton and Fundraising Chair Lothar Schaefer.

The EDA is also seeking youth representation (ages 14 to 29) to be a youth chair, who will offer guidance and lead strategic planning for youth engagement.