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Caught you being good program in Telkwa

Rewarding young ones for practising safe behaviours
Bike week featured school safety education lessons in the Smithers New Arena. (Marisca Bakker photo)

Telkwa Fire Chief, Derek Dickson and Telkwa volunteer fire fighters are on the lookout for kids who are practicing fire and personal safety habits.

Wearing bike helmets, using crosswalks being FireSmart, and in general, rewarding younger children (primarily kindergarten to grade three students) for their positive actions.

“We started this program during Fire Prevention Week, so we can have a constructive influence on younger students when they show positive and safe behaviours,” said Dickson.

Dickson and fellow firemen and women want to reward kids with a free cookie from Olivia’s Cafe in Telkwa for being safe.

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“We would like to have a good influence with the children in the community, and for them to know who we are when they see us in the community. If the kids see us at a fire, they will know we are there to help,”Dickson said.

“It’s a small way we can reinforce good behaviours and safety from early ages,” Dickson remarked about the program.

“On behalf of Telkwa Fire Rescue, we would also like to thank Bulkley Valley Printers and Olivia’s Cafe for supporting us in this endeavour.”

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Firefighter/EMT Chris Raffelson talks to a class of second graders about fire alarms during a Fire Prevention Week presentation. (Michael S. Lockett / The Daily World)