Make sure Spike has his leash

Make sure Spike has his leash


“We’re going for a walk, we’re going for a walk – yay!

Uh oh, my most favourite person in the whole wide world isn’t coming! Come on come on oh please please please…

Huh, he can’t hear me, deaf old man. Oh well, my other favorite people are fun too.

Here we go… oh the smells, a bush here, a tuft of grass there, oh look, a puddle, I must walk through it. Ooh, a rabbit trail.

I’m sure glad my people forgot my leash! I won’t go far, just a little way. I don’t want to lose my people.

It’s time to go back already? Not so soon!

Oh well, I need to check on my most favourite person in the whole wide world anyway.

What’s that I hear? I think, I think it’s his truck. Yes it is!

He’s leaving without me, oh no!

I better catch up with him, oh run run run!

Where did he go? This way? Oh I can’t hear him anymore…This way? That way?

Oh my, now what? Where am I?

I think I am lost. I have to find him.

Maybe down this street… or this one… oh where, oh where…

Now I don’t know where I left my other people! Oh I am lost for sure!

Oh the cars going by, zip, zip, zip, so scary!

Uh oh, one is stopping…

“Come on pup, come on, you look lost. Come on, hop in, we’ll help you find your people.”

Oh I’m so tired, thank you thank you!

Where are we going? I hope these kind people aren’t lost too!

Here we go – no I don’t see anyone I know. Where oh where are my people?

Oh look, look, look… over there, over there, calling my name!

Oh yes, yes, it’s them, it’s them, please let me out!

Thank you, thank you, you found my people!

Oh, home at last!

Please don’t forget my leash next time.”


(aka Helen McLarry)